It has been more than 10 years that these three friends have known each other.  From the small town of Ile Perrot, they’ve grown up with different dreams and projects. This new adventure has them starting at the heart of the City of Montreal. It’s from this great metropolis that the GoFetch Team will start their expedition. These impetuous adventurers form a strong team. Their enthusiasm, desire to learn and sense of adventure will weld these friends into an indestructible force de trois. (hee-hee)


Luc Labelle

Nuka De Jocas-McCrae

Julien Granger




This is the man that will attempt to remove all obstacles or die trying. (hee hee) This adventurer at heart is a natural born leader. His University studies in Outdoor Intervention brought him to become a Wilderness First Aid Instructor.  Continually looking for the next challenge, his logbook gets thicker by the day. Thoughtful and true, he will have his teammates at heart. Around the fire, he will always be willing to share one of his stories or poems. Everyone will agree that he has all the characteristics of a Scottish sailor. He will bring to his team his outdoor experience, his sense of initiative and leadership skills. 








This is the man who is a genius with his hands. From a single thought, he will be able to create whatever the needs are. He is a globetrotter at heart, who has made many trips around the world. This tattooed motorcyclist eats challenges for breakfast, but fear not weak of heart. He is a soft spoken, kind hearted and gentle man who can easily put a smile on your face no matter what the circumstances. Simplicity and pleasure are his main mottos. He will bring to his team, his fertile imagination with his unique cleverness. 

He is the man who takes on responsibilities without breaking a sweat. He is an experienced cyclist and a strong mountain climber.  He makes sports his daily mantra which helps keep balance in his life. Clown by day and dancer by night, Luc has the community at heart as he loves to share his energy with everyone. He is a thoughtful and reflective person, but once a decision has been made, he is a man of action. If you talk to him about a project be careful, because he might just actually take it on. His expert managing experience will certainly help his teammates throughout the GoFetch challenge.