The Go Fetch challenge is an expedition that three crazy, long time friends have embarked upon. Our objective is to kayak from Montreal to the tip of the Yucatan Province in Mexico. We will travel further than 9000 km over the course of a year in our sea kayaks.  This is certain to be one of the greatest expeditions of our lifetime. 

Like a dog fetching a stick, we seek out our branch through adventure. Our quest is measured by the opportunity to bring back many memorable stories and experiences. In French, the term “Fetch” is defined as the measure of a certain space where the wind can unfold itself without meeting any obstacles. Hopefully, through this expedition, the “Fetch” will be our ally, as its strength is recognised and used to help us reach our objective.  Our expedition will also be shaped by the challenges people give us to accomplish along the way.

“At first, the idea was a simple joke. The thought seemed farfetched. But, after many discussions, we realised that this project was more than possible. The Yucatan is our destination even though many obstacles will present themselves.”     



“More than a simple trip, this expedition will be an opportunity for all of us to walk down a new professional avenue. This expedition will be a turning point in our lives.”



“For us, physical activity is part of our daily routine. We know how helpful it can be as a tool for self- transformation. We want our expedition to be a model of what can be accomplished and what is possible with self determination.” ​